Technology is a collection of learning committed to making instruments, preparing activities and the separating of materials. The term 'Technology" is wide, and everybody has their method for understanding its importance. We utilize technology to achieve different undertakings in our everyday lives, in a nutshell; we can portray technology as items and procedures used to streamline our day to day lives. We utilize technology to broaden our capacities, making individuals the most significant piece of any mechanical framework.


Technology is likewise a utilization of science used to tackle issues. Yet, realize that technology and science are diverse subjects which work as an inseparable unit to achieve errands or tackle issues.


Technology covers life in many ways like communication technology, Construction Technology, Information Technology and so on. So, for instance if we take Information Technology, it contains many subject matters including hardware & software. But when we talk about software there are ā€˜Nā€™ number programming language present to make our lives easy in which few names are Python, Open Source, Middleware, Machine learning and so on, the list goes big & big. However, if we brief a little about it a high-level software language is designed to be anything but is difficult to peruse and get it. This enables software engineers to compose source code in a characteristic design, utilizing intelligent words and images. Some high-level dialects or languages are sufficiently comparable that developers can without much of a stretch comprehend source code written in numerous languages.